Reinventing Brussels

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Description :

“Informing, Connecting and Nurturing People for the City of our Dreams”

We are on a mission to reinvent life in Brussels by informing, connecting and growing people by the means of deep conversations, thematic sensing journeys and powerful social technologies. Experiment our next “journey” starting soon.


Web design

We need some resources to develop our current website using Wordpress.


If the current prototype is successful, we would like to collect funds to scale up to project, typically using crowdfunding and funds from the Brussels Region.


We are looking for people to tell stories about Brussels, stories that create a new narrative of the city, one in which we believe in the future of this city. Stories can be captured by the people of the community of Reinventing Brussels and our "journalist" can write them into stories.

The idea is to engage in partnerships with "We Love Brussels" and "Bruzz". 


We are looking for "city mappers", people who will feed our inventory of projects that will create the city of the future.

We already have more than 200 projects in our inventory but we are convinced that there a lot more .... and everyday.

The inventory will be used by the ReBXL Community to create their discovery journeys, by the storytellers (journalists) to write new narratives about the city, stories that will be published to the ReBXL Community and to potential partners (like "We love Brussels" and "Bruzz").

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    Valérie Maus De Rolley wants to join the project